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How Did I Get Here?

a journey for better health!

I've been dedicated to health and wellness since 1978. I am fascinated by Nature's way of surviving and sustaining life without human intervention. I am humbled by the body's ability to generate and regenerate ... again, without human intervention.

My story begins in pharmacology. Introduced to plant components from the very beginning, the study of how chemicals found in nature influence genetic receptors, captivated me. It wasn't long before I met a professional nose who introduced me to essential oils.

I didn't put 2 and 2 together until the release of the Human Genome Project. That's when I discovered that essential oils contain compounds that were factored into the countless studies advocating for personalized medicine.

BUT, that information didn't inspire my desire to redirect my focus. It was the effects the oils were having on me.

Oh ... did I neglect to mention that the professional nose and I started a natural fragrance company? Forgive me. 

We combined our talents after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which she believed was due to working around synthetic chemicals.

Side note: the EPA has confirmed over 70,000 manmade chemicals to be endocrine (hormonal system) disruptors. It stands to reason my new business partner was adversely affected. 

With that said, blending oils as fragrances was a blast AND were affecting my energy levels depending on what I was mixing. Some days I was super energized. Other days, well, a nap felt more appropriate. When I recognized their potency, I realized that scientists were onto something that was not being shared with the world.

It wasn't long before I met Robert Tisserand and Kurt Schaubelt. Robert is responsible for reintroducing the English-speaking world to Aromatherapy through his translation of Gattefosse's work. Kurt is an Austrian organic and biochemist and the first to sell genuine essential oils in the U.S. 

There was no turning back. The more I got to know these gentlemen and their colleagues, the greater my interest. 

I knew in my heart ... I was meant for this work.

The challenge I was seeing was the fact that natural remedies aren't any better than pharmaceuticals at helping a person get over a chronic condition when we seek to control the body with symptom relief.

But, that didn't lessen my belief in them. There just had to be another way of working with them. 

I began with myself. Impacted by addiction / addictive behaviors, nervousness, panic attacks, night terrors, SEVERE digestive issues, chronic pain, eating disorders ...  oh yeah ... AND cancer.

I studied and applied everything I was learning on myself.

During this time, my family was growing and after a few years, I had 11 kids. 4 biological, 2 adopted and 5 foster with 4 of them falling into the category of special needs and neurodiverse. 

With dedication comes a continual desire to learn as much as possible. OR was it inspiration?

Although I grew to relate to life experiences and myself as THE problem, scaling mountains of mental and emotional issues ... labeled as 'gifted', the heartache of not feeling accepted by my peers and family as well as the emotional struggles of my own kids .. my core suggested there was more. So, my focus became philosophy, neuroscience and psychology.

This changed the game entirely ... hence, Neuroaromatherapy.

Based on the nature of Nature (cooperation) and the wisdom bestowed upon the minds of science to investigate, I developed a way of working with AND personalizing the use of genuine essential oils whether a person takes medications or not.

After years of struggling in a world riddled with hormonal instability, I transformed my approach to health and wellness ..

You deserve to feel at home in your mind, body and world.

You are not powerless!!

And I can show you how!

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