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Physician's Desk Reference: Essential Oils in Healthcare

Physician's Desk Reference: Essential Oils in Healthcare

The ‘Physician’s Desk Reference: Essential Oils in Healthcare’ is n extensive guide for both patients and physicians. It covers:


  • The chemical properties of over 100 essential oils and their variations among plant species

  • Guidelines for selecting the right oils

  • Situations when certain oils should be avoided

  • Criteria for choosing the most effective oil for various conditions

  • Methods for combining with medications

  • Instances where caution is necessary

  • Advice for modifying oil choices based on symptoms

  • Techniques for blending oils to alleviate symptoms and enhance overall health 

  • Precautions for use during pregnancy and lactation

  • Precautions for use before medical and dental procedures

  • Precautions for use during cancer treatments

  • Recommendations for using oils with infants, children and the elderly

  • Tips for incorporating essential oils into daily life seamlessly 


Available for $110, September 2024 


Preorder your copy today at the early bird price of $45 and receive the first edition in a digital format this summer .. 2024

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