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What are you 'willing'?

... use 'I will' like you do 'I am' and watch the world change ...

I receive SO many ‘inspirational’ emails that I don’t take the time to read them all. And then from time to time, the ‘roommate’ in my head encourages me to open one because … What follows below was the latest … As I read it, inflammation and legacy came to mind … People talk about struggling with inflammation all the time:

Weight Sleep Thinking / focusing Belonging / fitting in Anxiety Addictive behaviors Highly sensitive to the world around AND all health-related symptoms These are all signs of inflammatory issues. The more inflamed a person is about people and situations … called a ‘head trip’ … the more dis-ease they experience in their body. Although it’s not the only solution, committing to how you want to experience your health changes the game for everyone because you are now seeing and interacting with the world in ways that invite opportunities for better experiences. Allowing yourself to see a bit of light in the dark side of things, alters your interpretations as well as the things you say and do from there. It may not be perfect but at least it’s different from the usual reactions … fall forward 💫 The best example of ‘insanity’ is ‘history repeating itself’. History is a story of the past … we already know the outcome. What’s the purpose of repeating the same story? I get it. When we’re stressed and exhausted… who wants to think? We just react. It takes energy and attention to invent a new outcome … And at some point … we’re no longer going to be here. BUT our kids and their kids are… Oh sure … they’ll be fighting over who gets what when you’re gone (unfortunately something I’ve witnessed more than I needed to) … that’s just stuff … What if each of us ‘willed’ our families a better world 💫💫💫 Just my heart sharing a few ideas ♥️ Gone are the days of ‘generational drama’

“You read your headlines and gasp. Of course you do. Look at the things humans do to each other. Now you face a choice. Get sucked into the drama or see it for what it is. It is an opportunity to create a different ending from a place outside the drama. You are all actors on the stage of an improvisation. What kind of ending will you create together? The best outcomes occur when you cooperate and do not forget you are playing roles.” Suzanne Giesermann

Before I close, I am interested in gifting you better health. If you could have an answer to your health prayers, what is something you’d like some guidance with?

  • Anxiety

  • Are you a highly sensitive person?

  • Addictive behaviors

  • Anger

For $59, I will record a personalized instructional video along with a worksheet just for you. Make your payment through PayPal and email your immediate concern along with any medications. I will respond within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

Thank you for being you. It’s an honor to be willing a better world with you!


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