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We have it backwards ...

... healing is not dis-ease management

Healing crisis ... in a nutshell ... it’s a flare up of symptoms whether you're supporting your body or not.A viral outbreak is a healing crisis that was triggered by, clearly a virus, yet the symptoms that arise from it are not due to weakness ... they are the system purging itself. Often times starting a treatment for a particular concern, usually with natural remedies like essential oils, will activate a healing crisis. An all-too-common belief, however, is something must be wrong.


A postpartum mom recently asked me to assist with her concern over possible gallstones / gallbladder issues. She takes a couple medications and is breastfeeding all of which were taken into consideration while customizing her blends. She believed the oils would address the specific symptoms she was experiencing. Please note, the initial assessment explored every nuance of her current state of health:

  • sleep

  • digestion ~ including bowel movements

  • moods

  • food sensitivities ~ if any

  • allergies

  • experience with monthly cycle

  • energy levels

  • and so on

No one escapes a comprehensive overview. Although symptoms matter, so does the rest of the system. Every ache, upset or discomfort is related. You are made of individual systems within an organizing system.

Can you see: as above, so below … as within, so without?

Yet, a very common experience no matter who I’m speaking with, is to witness a trickling of information. Over time, maybe days, sometimes weeks, I learn of other issues they didn’t believe were relevant i.e. indigestion, migraines, sensitivity to chewing, or possibly something specific as in this case ... Hidradenitis suppurativa. Come to find out, she is currently having the worst experience ever.Who can blame her? No one escapes adopting this mindset. It's the way each of us has come to 'know' healthcare.We treat:

  • depression

  • migraines

  • pain

  • blood sugar

  • sleep

  • candida

  • PMS / menopause

  • everything ....

As independent concerns ... so it's customary to go to someone for assistance with one or two things in mind.

A recent visit to my primary care for a physical demonstrated just how disinterested 'they' are with the big picture. Just one thing at a time was her focus. We had to table additional questions for a follow up or two.

For the record, I have a history of the following:

  • breast cancer

  • skin cancer

  • lesions in the brain

  • arthritis throughout my body

  • tarlov (a.k.a. perineural) cysts in my neck

  • IBS

  • PCOS

  • polyps

  • migraines

  • anxiety

  • and now osteoporosis

And was feeling prohibiting pain in my hip that stopped me from putting weight on that leg. Although I could ease the issue, I wanted to know if there might be something more. Her response: ‘Do you want a hip replacement?’

That’s right … an alarming display of curiosity. The baton had been handed over to me.

However, the body doesn't work like that. It is synced and adjusting, nanosecond by nanosecond. Synergy is harmony … the energy of wholeness. Balance is relative.


You’re prescribed an anti-depressant. Within a month or so of starting, it’s hard to sleep which you blame on the fact that you’re jumping in and out of bed just to the bathroom at night, and before long, you’re bedded with your first migraine.

The connection? If one were to isolate the link, you could say serotonin. A commonly prescribed anti-depressant directly affects serotonin in the brain. To control anything like this exerts pressure which is a stressor to the system. The DNA must adjust the signaling to alert the unaffected cell receptors to shield themselves from the apparent threat.

The minor adjustments add up leading to another remedy that’s supposed to quiet the new problem.

The root cause to all health issues is a lack of homeostasis. A chronically activated stress response insists the system not let off the gas … continue with the oxidative stress. And even though there’s a good reason for it, an overload of inflammation is the result.For several reasons, essential oils are mainstream bath and body products that receive a hushed recognition for being something more. The question that intrigues me the most is the one questioning the science.

Chemistry involves mixing chemicals. The human body operates with chemicals. Everything you consume is made up of chemicals of one making or another. This goes for aromas whether they’re adulterated or not.

Add a fragrance to your daily routine and you’ve introduced chemicals that are now going to interact with the ones your body makes.

And that’s the something more. Many people recognize chemistry and understand that plants, including essential oils, have been used for health giving purposes … not just an anoint. The point missed is that the texts not only reference their use, they document the outcome.

Science simply came into existence because curious minds wanted to know why.

Therefore, to incorporate something like custom selected genuine essential oils to your daily routine, you initiate an 'equal and opposite reaction'. This means the system is being reminded to produce anti-inflammatory hormones. The challenge is after years of protecting itself from nonstop threats, the system is not only pooped, it’s purging toxins faster than it can efficiently eliminate ... say ‘hello’ to a healing crisis!

This might look like:

  • rashes

  • nausea

  • headache / migraine

  • constipation

  • MORE fatigue

  • autoimmune flares

  • belly aches

  • and you get the picture

And it's for this reason that I stopped just 'selling' blends. My commitment is to the person wanting a blend to not just feel better but be better.

That's why more and more health concerns pop up with clients ... they have direct access to me and are able to ask questions, get feedback and guidance which sometimes looks like changing the way a blend gets used and / or when plus any other health concern that may be on their mind.

Following the body's lead is the path to healing.

So, with this client, I provided suggestions for nutrient rich foods along with some herbs she asked about and whether or not they could be safely taken given her medication and nursing baby.Why all the other stuff? Because essential oils are only part of a healing process. They affect cellular receptors and other processes as noted in the picture ... yet your cells need more than redirection. They require additional energy to restore harmony.

Genuine essential oils are more than a commodity that suggests a pleasant-smelling remedy.

They are a potent activator that offers more WITH synergy.

This is why developing an intentional diet of nutrient dense foods transforms the game by honoring your body's ability to recover through the healing crisis and beyond.

Stopping isn't the answer. Bouncing between remedies is like going between the gas and brakes. We have it backwards
That’s dis-ease management.

What you deserve is the encouragement and guidance … a voice that reminds you that your body is NOT betraying you … a voice that stays with you, freeing you up to focus on life without the added headache of worry: 'What's wrong?’ OR ‘trying to figure it out' ONLY to experience one more thing that didn't work.

That’s why I’m here. To figure it out. To solve the mystery and see you all the way to feeling better in your skin!

If this is something that would serve you and you have 15 minutes, shoot me an email. Or should you know someone feeling stuck in ‘what to do’ …

let them know about this post!

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