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There is Nothing Wrong

The thoughts at the end of this post reflect everything I've been talking about on my Instagram and Facebook live videos. Please know how much I appreciate you taking this in as medicine for the world...

** There is nothing 'wrong' ... with you, others, or your body!

'Wrong' is a judgment, an opinion, made up by humans. The context of 'good / bad'. 'right / wrong' are designed to regulate people ...

But think about this, the more we seek to regulate the outer world with stories / interpretations (because there is no way any of us can know what's going on with someone else unless we're in their head) ... the greater the dysregulation within the body. It produces an inner conflict between about what you 'know' and what you're hearing and accepting.

What you accept, you manifest, and your body is made up of cell receptors which receive chemicals from the ones produced by your system to the ones introduced either on purpose or something you're exposed to...

Humans have produced many chemicals in an attempt to control something from health conditions to environmental factors.

Control is a reaction to something being 'wrong'. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve an outcome, being attentive and aware opens you up to becoming innovative.

Creation is Life and Life cannot be controlled long term. It's the reason weeds find a way to come back somewhere else OR bacteria & viruses become immune to the line of 'anti-' medications.

I've believed this most of my life yet accepted the idea that I was thinking 'wrong' and of course, doing something 'wrong'. Ultimately, I adopted the belief that there was something 'wrong' with me.

I have faced criticism for most of my life for honoring what I Know. The result was a big F you to others ... in a passive aggressive way. All the while struggling on the inside with the question 'who's right?'

This context did a number on me. I wanted to be the 'good girl'. Towing the line and doing the right things. Guess what?

That inner conflict led to health issues, relationship problems as well as a hamster wheel of financial challenges.

The resolution to accept what I Hear within me as my guidance has truly leveled me out. When I don't honor it, I end up in some type of breakdown.

That's when I realize I neglected to act on what I Knew because I, like many humans, believe I know better ...

In other words, I am, as you are, wired to survive. In fact, everything about our existence is entrenched in survival. Even the stories ..

I can see why I was guided in such a way. Control is fear based. Those in my life believed they were giving me what I needed to survive in this world.

This is a tough topic because I am aware that not all people act in kind and loving ways. Ultimately, transferring their pain onto the more vulnerable. I would be one of them ..

And no, I am not about to suggest forgiveness. Forgiveness without acceptance is useless. Yes, I said that. It's useless because it doesn't eliminate the triggers.

Acceptance, on the other hand, offers an understanding, without needing to know the details, about the perpetrator ... no matter the degree of trauma ... was re-acting out patterns of fear.

Countless people have been the receivers of these fears.

Acceptance does not mean you take any crap. It's Love in action that gives you a deep sense of peace. This is how you shift your Nature to resolve the inner conflict.

You innately know, Love is the way yet, can't muster the energy because you don't want to.

'They don't deserve it'.

This is why forgiveness is temporary because we're not retraining our brain to become more responsive rather than easily triggered as well as come into full alignment with your inner Knowing.

The same can be done with the stories passed down through the generations.

Our lives as a species have been threatened in one way or another since the very beginning between cultural conflicts, environmental issues, and epidemics .. just to name a few.

We've been collectively scared and have gone to great lengths to protect our ability to survive. And it's fair to say, there's some work to be done.

However, the only way to begin is one step at a time which begins with you.

As within, so without. The dysregulation we see in the world is a reflection of the dysregulation in every human body. It's an urgent matter that not only affects the current population but the future ones as well.

What if we could change their experiences of life, including health, by RECOGNIZING the patterns of survival, accepting that besides the fact that that's ALL they knew, we intuitively KNOW better and now have the ability to put an end to history repeating itself?

Physically, mentally and globally ...

For me, this acceptance happened when I deliberately used essential oils to ease my troubled mind (yes, I heard a song in that statement).

Nothing else lasted. Yoga, being in nature, listening to music, and so on. Now, if I could do those things all day long, cool ... but life requires more from me. So, the easiest, least time-consuming thing was to make oils a part of my daily routine AND go-to when feeling triggered.

Keep in mind, triggers aren't always externally obvious, but your emotions do let you know.

If this is a conversation you'd like to continue, let me know. I'm more than happy to talk about somethings you can do to begin releasing your grip from the wheel.

"I think many of the tales we are told are skewed and it’s time to rewrite those tales and bring them back to a place of power, bring them back to a place where control and ridicule is not the aim for telling the story. I was wondering; What if women and princesses were never captured by dragons. What if they rode them by choice; away from those stale towers and high walls of boredom. What if the dragon was in fact their strong self, their fire breathing truth and passion. What if at a certain age women learnt to call these dragons inside them so they could take flight together and welcome their wild back in. What if the men who came carrying swords weren’t there to slay the dragon but to learn from both woman and dragon how to be fierce, wild and stay true to your heart. What if the witch in the woods was never evil but was in fact a strong teacher ready to lead you through your personal death, through your wounds and distortions in order for you to be reborn wiser than before. What if the forest was never out to get you but was shown to be full of learning, adventure, medicines, food and nourishment. What if the man that came to wake the sleeping woman didn’t take advantage by kissing her when she was unconscious but instead honoured, respected and treated her with care. Aiming instead to wake her through medicines, kind words, warmth and speaking to her heart. What if he never expected her to marry him just because he found her beautiful. What if the woman didn’t wait to be saved, what if she saved herself, fought back, called in the witch, the dragon and the wolf and loved the forest, loved her wisdom and didn’t fall at a mans feet because he was king. What if the father didn’t just take on another woman but instead learnt how to be a good father and care for his children himself rather than accepting an abusive partner, or what if the step mother was never evil but instead a figure of strength who celebrated younger women’s beauty and supported them to grow strong and bright. What if the tales we had been told were different, what lessons would we have absorbed into our growing bones?" ~ Brigit Anna McNeill Cover image by Jakki Moore


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