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The purpose of Life is to Choose You ...

... need I say more?

Hello and welcome!

I trust the first two weeks of the year have been reasonably pleasant given current events and evident discord on every level. It kind of makes it hard to ask a person ‘how are you doing’ with all this in mind …

black and white photo of an elephant walking on a dirt road
you are the obstacle and the way

SO …. let’s talk about the elephant in the room!!

And, I believe if we don’t ask … if we allow the circumstances to agitate us as individuals as well as collectively, we’re contributing to the mess and stress. We’re buying into the tension / apprehensions we feel.

Everything is energy … as you’ve heard said … and there is plenty of evidence to back it up. This includes your thoughts. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the tension, upset, joy or excitement.

Emotions are simply energy in motion …

Stress is giving something or someone else power over you. Even if it’s corporate heads, churches … governments.

Stress is a conflict within yourself … between the encouragement / inspiration you ‘hear’ from that small voice / Higher Self (however you relate to the Life Force that breathes life through you) and the beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities to see it through.

The last 11 days of my life had me relocating back home. I’ve been with my oldest son for several reasons, including the holidays. Yet, the result of my choice to return caused a bit of stress for all of us.

Although I see him as perfectly capable and speak to him as such, he has an intensely difficult time emotionally. As a young child, he was labeled ‘retarded’ after many tests. Eventually that turned into ‘learning disabled and special needs’.

While these brains require additional and / or altered assistance, to imprison a person with such an identity is painful to watch. In my son’s case, he is a special education teacher that relates to himself as ‘one of them’. Yes, it sounds amazing and in many respects it is.

Connecting the dots as ‘one of them’ is ‘expected’ because this is an important part of being human …. bonding.

We’re bonding in fear-based, toxic ways!

The challenge we face, however, is our attachment to these identities whether it be a person with special needs, son, pharmacist, mother, divorcee’, cancer survivor, patient, etc. We invest our energy into the variety of roles we ‘play’ and give them more meaning than that Higher nudge … the encouragement to move forward or in another direction … the inspiration asking to be expressed.

Life is always informing us.

In my son’s case, he had a roommate suddenly decide to break lease at the same time I was preparing to leave. Because of his emotional attachment to his identities and the way he’s learned to interpret circumstances (as most have), he took it personally.

Here’s where it gets good … (at least in my mind)

As a mother that spent nearly 25 years in court fighting for the right to be a mom due to unkind people trying to say the opposite, his emotional reactions triggered the ‘bad mom’ identity in me. So, a lot of apprehension felt prior to my departure involved the wrestling match that took place within me because I was being encouraged to leave by something bigger than myself.

At the time, I had no idea his roommate was planning to move out. I simply received an invitation to return to Santa Fe for a really cool opportunity. However, in the midst of my inner dilemma, I had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with the living situation and ‘the fan was the target’. Long story short, it was an accurate hunch.

This, of course, didn’t calm my son’s mind. He was deep in his beliefs and began telling me ‘Mom, I need you here.’.

I can hear it now. ‘A good mom would have stayed.’ This is where I challenge the status quo. THIS is a belief constructed by man. It’s a judgment. Judgments trigger stress.

It is possible to live stress free in a stress filled environment.

You are going to be faced with daily stressors. No amount of deep breathing, early morning meditation, prayer, or exercise is going to relieve you the moment you are triggered by your own interpretations of a situation that happens to prompt echoes of voices you’ve adopted along the way.

This is what happened to my son to which I finally responded with: ‘The people you’re thinking of are people that simply did what they felt compelled to do; even your roommate. It sounds like you feel betrayed and perhaps, this is a message for you from God. You feel betrayed because you are betraying yourself. The inner turmoil is you facing your own desires and denying them…

Of course it went on because the conflicts we all face are rooted in identities, beliefs and judgments that we’ve picked up on our journey through life.

As for me … I was able to reach this level of understanding because I chose to follow the encouragement and inspiration with essential oils.

What does this mean? I was born into an emotionally motivated family. The way my brain developed is unique to me. The credit for this knowledge goes to the award winning research conducted by Dr. Barbara McClintock and her team.

The point to this is due to the unique development and the emotional rat race, I fell into the Pavlovian line of thinking and reacting. I was no different than anyone else. This was my fate.

I refused, however, to accept it as my destiny.

While my son clearly developed some of his ways from growing up with me, that doesn’t have to be his fate, and this is the reason why I chose to follow the nudge around essential oils 30+ years ago.

I heard the words ‘they breathe life into the cells’. I had no idea what that meant yet I walked the path I did. I now consistently use them to assist my brain with self-regulation which now changes the way I hear and see things. This is how I was able to share a higher perspective for my son AND it’s how I experience stress free in a stress filled world.

YET, the biggest stressor I observe is when we choose human beliefs and interpretations over the inner guidance. I know the struggle and I can honestly say, I suffered greatly.

  • sleepless nights

  • bellyaches

  • jaw clenching

  • arguments / heated discussions

  • cancer and arthritis

  • avoidance

  • addiction

  • manipulation

  • sense of desperation

  • NEED

  • need to control

  • feeling abandoned

  • broken feet and ankles (feeling broken and nothing to stand on)

  • broken back (no backbone)

  • wanting to be chosen

To name a few … and yes, I may write more on the physical issues especially broken bones because every choice you make whether it is to honor a human belief OR the inner nudge absolutely brings you nose to nose with yourself AS A reminder of your True Nature.

So I ask … will you appreciate yourself for giving it your best and the courage to continue? Because the purpose of life is to choose You!


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