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The 21st Century Addiction

Be careful what you wish for!

'How can AI and automation enhance customer feedback?' recently made its way to me …

the following is my response …

Use it or lose it … whether you’re talking about muscles, your nose OR brain. The more you allow something else to ‘do the work’ for you, the stronger the message you’re sending to the brain and DNA to adjust themselves accordingly.

Adaptation is the nature of Nature …

The structure in the human brain involved in ‘addictive behaviors’ is precisely where the system or individual (if done intentionally) switches between cognitive control (critical thinking) and habitual control (automatic behaviors). Then again, it is a spontaneous switch that takes place when a person is experiencing or exposed to stressors.

No longer exercising your muscles tells the brain that you have no use for them. Rather than waste the energy to maintain the tissue, the system naturally breaks them down, causing them to shrink in size and lose strength, otherwise known as atrophy.

Did you really lose your sense of smell (anosmia) or did the brain gradually minimize it because you don’t give it much attention OR have an aversion to certain smells, so you’ve learned to ‘tune them out’?

There are a number or reasons a person experiences anosmia ... which tends to be gradual unless you are experiencing sinus congestion due to a viral infection or allergies and that is only temporary. The same can be said for polyps … temporary once they’re removed. Other than that, to lose your sense of smell, be born with little or have none at all is linked to alterations in the brain wiring due to stressors (which can be reversed and something I can help you with)

Habitual control is the instinct for getting out of danger yet when it’s continually activated (which it is given the emotional and environmental state of the world) you engage in familiar actions with little thought.

Relying on AI to think for you, minimizes connection … to yourself and others …

A sense of belonging is critical for the survival of humans. It’s the reason the opioid receptors evolved over the last 100,000+ years. Beginning with only one in the human genome, the nature of Nature is the preservation of Life which is why we have four today. The endogenous opioid system is not just about ‘pain relief’. It enhances our sense of community AND ability to bond.

The introduction and promotion of AI, the 21st century addiction is counterintuitive to honoring the human race

In my upcoming workshop … The Belief Blueprint … I’m diving into two concepts, control and identity, both of which tie directly into the contemporary experiences and the points made throughout this article.

  • Age related degeneration

  • Biotechnology

  • War

  • Dis-ease / illness

As a culture, we’re fascinated by what fascinates scientists. Has anyone ever wondered why SO many of these people are in a race to find a cure, fight certain health conditions, speak poorly of the human body and its abilities … produce technology to replicate and replace Nature?

Computer scientists at the University of New Mexico have been studying the human immune system for years. Something to make you go … hmmmm …

Although the apparent pursuit of modern ‘man’, nothing ‘they’ do today is any different than the questions posed by our ancestors. We are as plagued by curiosity now as we were thousands of years ago. Who are we? Why are we? How can we?

Uncertainty is uncomfortable.

Not knowing if you belong is painful.

What if the conditions, chaos and circumstances we get to witness in our communities and around the world today are just that … attempts to prove a person’s worthiness of belonging?

You are just hooked by the stories used to justify the actions …

November 11th … the Belief Blueprint

Stories come from beliefs, all of which are made up of words … tools of creation OR weapons of destruction. It’s possible to alter the course of the human story by learning to wield words with attention and intention.

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