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Save Time: Use Essential Oils

Isn't it interesting how moments are fleeting, yet, depending on what's involved, you notice a problem anyway.

This situation is certainly not a problem for billions of other people not looking at 'the moment' that's in front of you. They could care less about what's going on. They're involved with their own ... moment.

Quite honestly, the moment in front of you isn't what's bothering you, you are what's bothering you with all your preferences and expectations.

Overwhelm, anxiety, doubt ... emotional distress is based on the past whether you're concerned about a potential issue or hoping for some type of success. It all stems from previous experiences.

here's an exercise: What was going on moments before reading this? What was your judgment of it? How should it have gone? What shouldn't have been? The second you had any sensation about it one way or the other, you were no longer present.

Epigenetic memory not only happens as a result of stressors and other environmental stimuli, it also has a BIG purpose. Everything that rocked your world was genetically imprinted information as a response code for effective ways to respond in future moments.

Practice mindfulness ...

Given the world we live in, it's fair to say your brain is on high alert, more often than not. Add emotional preferences and expectations to the 'game', and now, it's next to impossible to sustain a state of presence.

Mindful becomes mindless ...

I realize that there are a number of great suggestions floating around to help you 'pull it together'. I've tried them .... ALL!

I was born anxious .. no joke. While I won't laden you with the neuroscience as to why (at least not right now), it's fair to say we all have a story that started in utero. And after a few decades of navigating anxiety with a smile on my face, my days were consumed with mindfulness techniques that were short-lived at best.

I was getting stressed because I didn't have the time to take care of myself, my family AND work all in the same day!

Even the 'gurus' that meditate daily in ashrams have said that meditation is temporary in this world of triggers.

Your brain is prepared for those triggers as the science of epigenetics has revealed.

Oh .. this goes for all the brains around you .....

This is why as a Neuroaromatherapist, I specialize in the stress response. Nature communicates with chemicals. And even though you've heard it said your thoughts influence your brain chemistry, it's not that 'cut and dry' for many of us!

  1. the size of the corpus callosum lessens with stress slowing communication down between the hemispheres which interferes with achieving a heightened state of awareness

  2. glutamate remains a static excitatory neurochemical

  3. stress excites the mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic system and minimizes cognitive control, increasing habitual behaviors (a.k.a. addictive behaviors which includes reactions to familiar stimuli)

All of this said, your reactions to stress could influence the way others react to you and vice versa.

Being aware of this is halfway to success ...

Choosing genuine essential oils on a bio individual basis makes it easier to shift out of anxiety, overwhelm and doubt. And with time, eliminates the habitual reactions and reverses the root cause of automatically seeing problems.

In other words, using them whether you take medications or not, improves your cognitive control and enhances your ability to see and talk about better outcomes whether at work or out and about in life.

What's more, if you're feeling unmotivated and facing uncertainty at work, integrating essential oils into your daily routine improves your productivity and energy. Not to mention, you'll be opening yourself up to some great insights that not only lighten your mood but move you into action.

And here's the big boon to using essential oils ... they don't suck up your time. Save time: use essential oils. Your day will remain clear of weighty thoughts and you'll be far more adaptive.

To get started, simply put a couple drops under your nose or chin. The olfactory tubercle innervates the entire brain and when you incorporate oils with music, movement or a moment pleasant or not, you are promoting brain function because many essential oils have neuroprotective properties on top of their calming and soothing nature. AND, they BRING you back to the moment!

What oils do I recommend?

This has to happen on a case-by-case basis. The last 20 years of my 40-year career has been devoted to not just knowing the chemistry of essential oils but also their unique properties. Not to mention, every body reacts to stressors in its own unique way and even though I am SO tempted ...

Well, I'll give you one. Roman chamomile. Not Moroccan. Not German. Roman for its ability to minimize the production of ACTH, improve the release of oxytocin as well as influence the conversion of glutamate into GABA.

If you have any questions ... feel free to drop a comment or message me directly!


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