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Essential Oils are like Cookies

... Nature's Signature Thumbprint

You need a cookie like you need to be healthy ….

… you don’t NEED either one …

You could go to the end of your life and never take a moment to enjoy either one and not be any worse off as a person for it. Yet, if we’re talking preference, that’s a different story.

Do you even like cookies? If so, which do you prefer?

  • peanut butter

  • oatmeal raisin

  • chocolate chip

  • wedding cookies

  • sugar cookies

  • soft, chewy lemon cookies

  • gingerbread cookies

How do you choose?

  • flavor

  • consistency

  • ingredients

  • food sensitivities / allergies

  • dietary preferences

Even choosy mothers choose Jif …

This tiny little slogan for Jif peanut butter was enormously successful at plucking at the heart strings of moms in the 1960’s. Are you a good mom? (this question is how my head interprets the promotion) Are you a discerning and selective mom? The sole purpose of this campaign was to boost sales by elevating the role of mothers to taste connoisseurs.

Although for profitable reasons, this effective advertising strategy was packed with wisdom.

Be thoughtful with your choices.

And as it goes, we now see a multitude of true nut butters as safer options for those living with severe peanut allergies.

Is this the least bit surprising? Nature is taking its course as man introduces more and more technology (which includes environmental chemicals) for the sake of advancement and bettering the world.

Better is subjective.

The rise in dis-ease and degeneration (which is an odd thing to say in the same sentence … rise in degeneration) matches the degree of control man attempts to exert on the planet.

Choosy mothers choose Jif …

Being thoughtful with your choices …

Perhaps if we paid attention to the wisdom …

Culturally, we are particular with being selective.

  • clothing

  • decor

  • music

  • hairstyles

  • people

  • scent

Anything that appeals to the senses.

But what about what’s on the inside?

I am a fan of soft …. I mean super soft fabric. Texture matters to me and then I discovered nanoparticles. Just like Jif or a cookie, ingredients count for something.

I’m confident in saying you wouldn’t eat a spoonful of flour. Not even a tablespoon of butter. Well, my kids used to …… but then they weren’t picky eaters like me.

I digress. And as consumers, we often accept what’s offered without regard. How interesting. Honesty is to honor something with regard. Therefore, to dis-regard suggests that you are not honoring yourself, your health, your body …. your preferences.

I realize that there are a lot of products that appear to honor your needs but suppose they don’t.

Let’s face it, nanoparticles are being added to fabric.

Check this out:

Nanoparticles have become a fascinating area of research and application in various fields, including human nutrition, food science, and medicine.

Nutrition and Food Safety:

  • Nanoencapsulation methods involve enclosing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants within nanoparticles (NPs). This innovative approach enhances nutrient absorption and counteracts nutritional instabilities.

  • NPs exhibit exceptional solubility, a significant surface-to-volume ratio, and diameters ranging from 1 to 100 nm. These properties make them valuable for improving food quality and safety.

  • Nanoceuticals, a blend of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, are commercially available dietary supplements. For instance, vitamin spray-dispersed nanodroplets can enhance the absorption of nutrients like iron, curcumin, and folic acid1.

Applications in Food Science:

  • NPs play a role in various aspects of food science:

  • Plant Cultivation: Nano-encapsulated fertilizers and pesticides improve plant growth.

  • Food Processing: NPs enhance color, texture, flavor, and aroma.

  • Food Packaging: Smart packaging detects microorganisms, contaminants, or toxic chemicals, ensuring food safety.

  • Nutriceuticals: These are foods or food components with medical and health benefits, aiding disease prevention or treatment2.

Enhanced Nutrient Delivery:

  • Nanosized carriers are used to deliver nutrients and bioactive substances in supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and health food products.

  • These formulations, derived from nanoscale processing, include micelles, liposomes, and encapsulated bioactives in biodegradable polymeric materials3.

Future Perspectives:

  • Nanotechnologies continue to impact food bioavailability, processing, packaging, and preservation.

  • Research in functional nanofood holds promise for advancing human nutrition and health4.

In summary, nanoparticles are revolutionizing the way we approach nutrition, food safety, and health, opening new paths for applications and significant advances in the field. 🌟🍎🔬

This is happening with medicine as well. Nanoparticles are a delivery system.

How are essential oils like cookies? How are they different? (besides the obvious) And how is all of this related?

When you bake your own cookies or know and trust the source of your cookies, there are typically a few core ingredients.

  • flour

  • sugar

  • butter

  • eggs

Beyond that the ingredients vary, and you make a choice based on your preferences.

When you have food sensitivities / allergies, you become critical about one or more of the ingredients. You are a cookie connoisseur.

Essential oils also have a few ingredients, also known as constituents, in common.

  • pinene ~ alpha, beta or both found in most

  • limonene ~ found in 211

  • linalool ~ the chemical that popularized lavender (which one?) and renowned for its relaxing properties (among several) is also found in over 200 oils

After this, every essential oil contains different compounds that work synergistically to produce an aromatic signature unlike any other oil. This is the reason why lavender (which one?) turns the noses of some people. It’s the reason why some oils excite a person rather than relax them.

Anxiety, tension …. stress is a neurochemical reaction and depending on the individual, which includes their lifestyle, the best oil for them varies.

Say for example, lavender (which one?) In this case all of them (there are 9 varieties). There are a couple that aggravate the nervous system with their ketone content. Once in a blue moon isn’t a problem, yet lavender (a lesser expensive variety) is highly marketed and used in products. With continued use, although initially soothing, your anxiety and / or tension comes back with a vengeance.

This is why trying to fix a symptom without addressing the system often leads to an increase in symptoms.

Therefore, selecting oils based on your body’s preferences makes all the difference in the world. Just like a gluten free cookie is far more enjoyable in the long run when you are gluten intolerant.

As for how all of this is related, well, with the advancement of technology, the body is becoming increasingly stressed. Control is a stressor. If you’re a control freak, you’re complicating matters.

As the system is reacting to these stressors, your digestive system is adjusted so that the energy is redirected for protection. This is the miracle of life. You have a built-in protection mechanism.

Therein lies the reason it’s important to oversee your reactions in order to determine whether or not protection is warranted. Thoughtfully selected true essential oils NOT ONLY assist you with feeling better in the moment, but they can also help you with making the distinction when acted upon.

Choosy people are deliberate…

In response to this, the body reverts to a rest and digest state, facilitating better metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Pair this with WHOLE nutrient rich foods and you lessen the ‘need’ for supplements.

Adding to this, the more efficient your brain becomes with regulating the system, the easier it is to naturally slow the production of inflammation. Keep in mind, IF YOU are living with a diagnosis of some kind that warrants the need for medications, essential oils ARE not enough.

They are a scentsational adjunctive modality when the body is undergoing a healing crisis (my definition of a dis-ease or dis-order).

See health conditions as a healing crisis and you’re ahead of the game; primed to work with your system and able to help restore it to a healthier, more vibrant state.

Preference influences your choices,How do you prefer to experience YOUR life?

As for the cookie … well, you may never be able to eat peanuts, peanut butter or eggs for that matter … those are severe immune reactions that may not change … however, there is a good chance you can eat gluten and even sugar without consequence.

Side note: after a series of blood tests years ago, I was told I was allergic to sugar. I couldn’t eat pasta, drink wine, or enjoy a cookie because my body’s reaction felt like the flu … it hurt to wear clothing because it was sore to the touch. This is no longer the case today.

So, in an unexpected way … essential oils are like cookies … similarly unique.

If you’re interested in discovering the unique nature of essential oils, join me on Ko-fi where I am sharing one oil a week. This information is being published in my 21st century essential oil handbook and as a member, you receive exclusive access to information you can begin using now.

I appreciate you and the opportunity to share in this evolution with you!

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