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Could there be untapped potential waiting to be discovered within you?

Why Neuroaromatherapy?

Earlier this week, I was told that a recent unsubscribe was due to the content no longer being relevant.

This was and is SO good!

For one thing, there was a time in my life when feedback like this would have rattled my nerves. Possibly even prevented me from sending another newsletter for months. Those days are gone!


The other really cool thing is I can use her perspective to make a super valuable point. Yet before I do that, I am not suggesting her opinion is wrong. In her mind, the material no longer fit what she was looking for, and that's ok. I completely respect and understand her point of view.

This is why genuine essential oils stand out for me! They improve your brains processing of information which helps you transcend accepted human limits! In other words, they restore your ability to pause and consider:

Why did I say 'yes' to something? What was I wanting / looking for?

Beliefs limit our capacity to do, experience and learn more. This is due to their influence on neuroplasticity a.k.a. the way your brain is wired.

The awesome news is you have the ability to direct and improve the neuroplasticity of your brain.

This is your superpower! Some call it 'mindset'.

Mindset matters, yet it's not enough. You have to FEEL the change within.

Just over 20 years ago, gratitude was making its way into personal development. At one point while attending a 3-year coach and leadership program in 2003, one of my colleagues pulled a stack of business card sized gratitude cards out of his pocket. The intention was to randomly hand these gems out to inspire gratitude on the streets. In the moment, I was thrilled.

Of course the world would benefit from such reminders, so I immediately ordered my own set. And just as quickly as I invested in them, I discovered a 'hiccup' inside me (not literally :) )

I felt like I was lying!

What was wrong with me? I had a terrific life yet couldn't feel grateful! So, I stopped handing the cards out. I was fraud! Completely out of integrity. I turned that moment into an opportunity to understand myself.

It all came down to what I believed about myself. The stories I made up about people, life and my reason for existing ... AND .... everything else. I had an opinion ... as you do ... about everything ... AND ... I reserved the right to be right about all of it!

I began retraining my brain with 'olfactory therapy' ... allowing certain oils to fill my heart and soul. That sounds like many memes out there!

Honestly, I deliberately took the time to disrupt the energy / my 'hard-wired' emotional interpretations.

How? I first became curious about my commitments ...

Was I committed to the stories I was telling myself? Was I committed to being a walking ego or did I want to FEEL more love?

Being present to these questions, I focused on the aroma of a blend I made and how I felt when I took a whiff, allowing ease to take up space in my head and body. I forced nothing.

Believing something is irrelevant, is accepting something as fact.

Technically, the gratitude cards became irrelevant the second my excitement about them died.

What if everything in life is relevant? What if Life is guiding you with every experience and thing you witness?

When you block something with a belief, you block your ability to learn and / or possibly create something more for yourself or someone else.

This is where the daily use of genuine essential oils that honor how your epigenome processes information, increases your ability to more readily connect the dots and expand your thinking ... as well as make a difference in the way your body adapts to Life!

In the Revolutionary Aromatherapy community on Facebook, I am back to providing material on constituents. (I say 'back to' because I released the belief that no one was really interested in learning about the chemistry)

However, the information is limited because I'm only pointing out how they work within the system.

They are so much more than that. The intentional routine use of genuine essential oils empowers both your brain and body / system ... no matter the age.

They do not just fix a problem.

Neuroplasticity is an adaptive process that continues until your last breath.

Why not harness it to your advantage and allow your system to think for you?

Somethings don't need to be figured out.

Besides, companies are already banking on your health …. Why not you?

They disrupt thought patterns and beliefs plus enable clarity!

They align you with more energy regardless of age!

This is the basis for optimizing your experiences of life … from abundance to love

So I ask again….

Corporations are already banking on your health …. Why not you?

Would you like to work through a belief or 2? I am hosting a free workshop called The Belief Blueprinton November 11th

And as a reminder, I also have the exquisite 'Life Happens' Kit. Please accept my gift of a 'growth mindset' call with me when you purchase your kit!

Take exquisite care!

Blessings ...


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